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We’re looking for one special person to join our booking & sales team – is it you?

What You'll Be Doing

The available role is like that of a ‘booking agent’ for our flock of performers. We love wordplay around here, so the official position is called a ‘SecreFaerie’.



Our SecreFaeries answer inside sales inquiries from parents, party planners, and corporate liaisons via phone, email, text, and LiveChat. (Meaning, you don’t have to find leads, they find you).



Most of our SecreFaeries have been hired from our own performer pool, hence why you see us dressing in costume in some of the images here.  Wearing costumes is not required for this position.  


(You are very welcome to express your creativity however; we consider our office dress code ‘business whimsical’.)



Each day is filled with crafting creative responses to inquiries so you must have strong creative writing skills, and ‘a cheery disposition’.



You would be comparing these inquiries against our internal booking calendar to find available performers for the date, time, and area requested.



Our calendar is often very full, so creative thinking, persuasive skills, and strong attention to detail come into play when finding an available spot to book. Think of it like Tetris or Sudoku, but with people!



When a client is ready to reserve, you fill in booking forms and invoices with the appropriate information and then help process their payment and details.



On a rotating basis, you will be asked to help monitor our weekend ‘HELP’ (Happily Ever Laughter Parties’, cute right?) phone line, in case our performers or customers have issues before/during their parties.



The position can be remote, in our Santa Cruz office (you would get your own office), or a mix of both.

Skills Required

YOU ARE ABLE TO retain information

Can you learn about our services and be able to inform customers about them?


Can you do so in a quick, clear, and friendly way in both writing and on the phone?


Are you familiar with excel? Are you a proficient typist with knowledge of keyboard shortcuts? Are you willing to learn new software applications?


Are you able to commit to a schedule and clearly communicate with your team regarding time off needs?


Although we like to appear big and fancy on the outside, inside we are just a small business, run by people who are a little too obsessed with glitter. 


We rely heavily on one another and all listen to each other’s needs and jump in when we see someone needs a hand. 


We all leave drama at the door and bring our sense of humor and multitasking skills to the table each day.


During a training period, you will be paid $15 per hour.  Training lasts 1-2 months, depending on how quickly you pick things up. 

Upon official hiring, this will be increased to $20 per hour, with raises based on annual performance reviews.

After you work here a while, you’ll qualify for our 401k program. 

One nice thing about the position is that it’s pretty flexible. We all work with one another to get time off when we need it. As long as the work gets done, that’s all that matters.

There are also occasional bonuses throughout the year, depending on our sales level as a team.


Our ideal candidate would be available 25-40 hours a week with the ability to work a couple of weekend dates each month. 


You will always have at least 2 days off in a row, and bonuses are paid for each weekend shift you take!

If you have other jobs/major commitments from Labor Day-Christmas, this may not be the best fit for you, as that is ‘all-hands-on-deck’ season.

We do have some flexibility in this, so feel free to communicate YOUR ideal schedule and we are happy to negotiate!

If you find yourself giggling at the things you write because of your sassy creativity pouring through your words, you will love this office position – and we’d love to set up an interview with you!

How To Apply

To apply, click ‘Apply Now’!

If selected, we will contact you for a virtual interview.

Because we receive piles of applications, please understand that we will only be reaching out to the applicants that we will be scheduling interviews with.


If you don’t hear from us and want to resubmit, please only do so one time.

And pretty please avoid contacting us via telephone, we are too busy talking to families about mermaids and unicorns. *wink*


Good luck, hope to meet you soon!


Fae Gershenson
Head Faerie @ Happily Ever Laughter