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Unforgettable Experience™️

5.0 (312)


The main event for most parties.

👆🏽 Press play to see exactly what your party will look like with this Unforgettable Experience™️! 

Inside this package level (GOLD):

Here’s how we’ll blow your child’s mind:

The Plan

Let's Perform!

We begin with our ‘Let’s Perform!‘ activity.

This popular activity brings kids together to perform a children’s magic show!

Children learn how to touch puppets, say simple lines, & perform magic.


Adults love watching their kids help make real magic happen 🙂


After the ‘Let’s Perform!‘ activity we’ll get everyone wiggling with ‘Let’s Move!‘.


First, every child laughs themselves silly while playing parachute games.

Next, everyone turns into animals (with wild dance moves!) during a fast-paced Freeze Dance game.



We bring multiple sized parachutes to fit your space, fun scarves to wave, bubbles to pop, and music to play!


The Treats

We’ll give each child a shiny, metallic Balloon Animal that we’ll make right in front of their eyes. 


Older kids can opt for a quick lesson on how to twist their own!



Your child will help make a gift magically appear just for them!


The Cast

Have you ever felt instantly connected to someone you just met?  


That’s our Celebration Leaders’ #1 quality because it helps children warm up faster.

Our Celebration Leaders graduated in the top 5% of the most extensive training program for children’s entertainers in North America.

Your Celebration Leader can arrive in full costume to really surprise your child!


The Extras 🎉

🎉 This is an optional add-on available at check-out.🎉

Your Celebration Leader will transform the friends into sparkly, colorful creatures! 


 We keep the line short by painting multiple children at the same time.


🎉 This is an optional add-on available at check-out.🎉

🎉 This is an optional add-on available at check-out.🎉


You won’t have to buy party favors this year!


Instead, we bring, lead, and clean up a wand making craft each child can take home. 


🎉 This is an optional add-on available at check-out.🎉

The Details

35 children. 


Need more flexibility?  We have options:

90 minutes – this package can be overlapped with meal/cake time if you have a short party.


Would you like to…


…have a wider range of activities to attract a wider age range?


We can combine Silver & Gold’s activities, (and include our most popular add-on, ‘Let’s Transform!’ aka face painting), into one easy-to-book package.


…be less busy hosting & more present?


Your Celebration Leader can arrive with a themed Chaos Coordinator who specializes in leading children toward their favorite activities (so don’t have to).


✨ …skip counting RSVPs?


Having 2 of us there means we can welcome everyone with an unlimited headcount.


…get all that by upgrading to Platinum!

5.0 (312)

Guarantees Galore

We won’t flake.

It’ll be awesome.

You’ll relax.

👆🏽 Press play to see exactly what your party will look like with this Unforgettable Experience™️! 


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Approx Runtime

1.5 hrs

2 hrs

The Cast

1 Themed Celebration Leader

1 Themed Celebration Leader &
1 Chaos Coordinator

Take Home Treats

Up to 35


Activity: Let's Move!

35 kid max


Activity: Let's Perform!

35 kid max

Kid's show

Magic Moment

Your child helps make a gift magically appear just for them

You child helps make gifts magically appear for siblings, too!

Risk Free Booking

1 Free Reschedule

Refundable Option Available (adds 10% fee)

1 Free Reschedule & Refundable Option Included

6 REASONS why partyers CHOOSE this GOLD PACKAGE.

Reason 1

You will shrink your to-do list

Our activities look like you took weeks to plan – no shopping, assembling, or clean-up required. 

Reason 2

You get to be present, not busy.

Hosting takes work, and there are only so many birthday’s left to throw. Be able to watch your child enjoy themselves by letting us take over entertaining.

Reason 3

You won’t have to problem solve.

Headcount or weather change? We will adjust on the spot.  After 18,000+ events, we know how to adapt.

Reason 4

Life happens, which is why we offer optional ‘zero risk reservations’. 


For a small fee, your full payment will be protected if you have to cancel for any reason, resulting in a full refund. 


Alternatively, normal reservations have a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Reason 5

We redirect ‘chaotic-kid-party-energy’ to bring everyone together (and give your adult guests something to talk about!)

Reason 6

Getting the help shouldn’t be a struggle. 


You will always have quick access to our experienced planners everyday (& ’round the clock during your event).


We’ve got answers.

Click here to send an inquiry.

Or, call/text us anytime at


You’ll find out 48 hours before your event and you can see them all here.


All of the costumes, activities, and employees are identical to what you see on our site.  We will NEVER send someone you haven’t seen on our site, and always make sure that all of our supplies are in tip-top shape.

Kind of!


So, what you need is called a ‘character impersonator’ which is a little different from what we are, which are ‘children’s entertainers‘.


To help you on your search, I’ll show you the difference:


Character impersonators


1.) They connect with children by posing for photos and mimicking famous lines. 


2.) Their interactions are ‘character-driven’, meaning they stick in their own storylines. 




Children’s entertainers

(that’s us) 


1.) We connect with children by being highly trained at playing with kids.


2.) Our interactions are ‘child-driven’, meaning we encourage children to create storylines for us.  Example: if they love Canadians and science, so does our Princess 🙂


You can see the characters we play while we lead activities on this page so you can get an idea of how we could match your theme.


Side note: Many of us here have been both impersonators and children’s entertainers, and we’ve seen kids play longer our characters because they are brand new to them and because they aren’t skeptical about authenticity (‘I know you’re not Elsa etc’).


If you’re open to something a little different, we’d love to show you the fun ways our unique characters can keep the children busy for you; take a peek here!


Click here to find out in our weather policy.

Absolutely.  The Magical Experiences are for everyone because the activities are designed to bring everyone together.



We also have a variety of themed characters to choose from to engage wider audiences.

Choosing us to be the big deal

for your child’s big day

means big questions…

“Are you going to actually show up?”


You can relax knowing that your booking comes with an understudy to save the day, allowing us to maintain a 99.7% arrival rate. 

In the tiny chance we can’t make it & it’s our fault*, you get an immediate full refund AND a free show voucher.


*What’s not our fault?  Local health mandates, natural disasters, or traffic that blocks all access.

We want your child to say “THAT was awesome!”

If we don’t meet the ‘awesome’ mark, it will be easy to tell us because I’ll check-in with you (hi, I’m the owner!) to hear how it went the very next day.  No waiting on hold or digging for buried contact forms required :-)


I’ll do what it takes to make it right. 

Party on, 

Choosing us to be the big deal

for your child’s big day

means big questions…

“Are you guys flexible if things change?”


Absolutely.  We’ve got 18,000+ events worth of scenarios under our belt, and we use that experience so you can relax.


Need to cancel?  We have a no risk booking option for a full refund. 


Headcount change?  We adjust on the spot.


Weather issues?  We adapt to be indoors. 


We’ve got you.