Fae Diddle Diddle

Queen of the Faeries


Fae Diddle Diddle, our founding Faerie, rests her head in the Santa Cruz redwoods, way up high in the mountains.

The inspiration for starting Happily Ever Laughter came when Fae noticed all the Characters provided at parties were the same Characters on the lunch boxes, TV, and movie screens. Fae wanted to remind children that they don’t all have to be Snow White, Elsa, or Cinderella, but are welcome to have their own unique view on what a princess or any imaginary Character could be. She understands that each child is different, and that is why her Characters are different. Her clowns don’t have red noses or scary wigs, and her princesses don’t look like Sleeping Beauty.

They are the Characters from her own imagination.

Since 2006, Happily Ever Laughter has grown to not only inspire children, but also the Performers who work here. HELP has grown to almost 50 tightly-knit employees, who can now say they actually got to be a Faerie Princess or an Elf when they grew up.

Being a Faerie is more than just wearing the wings. It’s ‘out with the ordinary, and in with the Faerie’. The Performers here conquer all aspects of life by using what they’ve learned as HELP Faeries and Elves. From learning to manage stressful situations with grace, to spontaneously entertaining all the children in the line at the DMV, we have all grown to live life every day with a Faerie spirit.

Even as Performers retire their wings and fly away into the human world, their Faerie spirit remains. We’ve seen past HELP Performers live life at an accelerated pace after mastering how to instill happiness into every moment. They’ve become movie producers, PhDs, parents, actresses on the silver screen, entrepreneurs, professors…and all before they ever expected to before they worked at HELP. They’ve become pillars in their communities, and inspirations to all the future Performers.

Fae dreams of growing HELP to become a model for how to create a positive and non competitive workplace. She wishes to see the rules that HELP Performers live by spread on a larger scale. Visions of Faerie Youth Empowerment courses in schools to Faerie Team Building in the tech land. The possibilities are endless. Especially when you have wings *wink*.

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