Happily Ever Laughter is Handcrafted Children’s Entertainment


What Makes Us Special
What Makes Us Special

Happily Ever Laughter is Handcrafted Children’s Entertainment


When you invite HELP (Happily Ever Laughter Parties), we help your event to run smoothly by providing our whimsical approach to event childcare. We focus on engaging children quickly with our interactive activities.

From matching your event themes with our vibrant Themed Character collection, to bringing along interactive activities, we keep the children busy so the grown-ups enjoy the celebration!

Who comes to care for the children at your event?

During events we know that there is no time to lose when it comes to making children feel at home in order to create the best memories. Meeting anyone from our tightly knit group of Performers feels like meeting an instant friend, which is why we lovingly refer to each other as our ‘Faerie Family’.

What Makes Us Special Performers

We’ve worked our wings off to build Happily Ever Laughter, where each and every one of our Performers is an ’employee’ as opposed to an ‘independent contractor’.

What does that mean for you? That means we can ensure that our staff meets our high level of expectation when it comes to training, costuming, and the quality of supplies that we bring to your event.

We carry liability insurance for every event (just in case our magic is a bit too powerful! *laugh*). Feel free to request a copy of our policy from our booking SecreFaeries. They love helping with all that legal mumbo jumbo. *smile*

When you email us, Fae Diddle Diddle and her SecreFaeries personally respond to each email, phone call, and social media post.

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