Expecting more than 15 kids?

Magical Experience™️

Touch of Magic

5.0 (309)


The perfect boost for small parties.

Inside this Experience

Here’s how we’ll blow your child’s mind:

The Plan

We begin by bringing the children together with our ‘Let’s Move!‘ activity.


Outdoor Version – Every child laughs themselves silly while playing with our oversized parachute. Grown-ups can tap into their inner child & play, too!


Indoor Version – Everyone* gets their wiggles out during a fast paced freeze dance game.  You’ll love seeing your child pretend to be different animals (with wild dance moves!) to a variety of music we provide.


*Expecting mostly Pre-K children? To help them have fun as they wander in and out of the group (as they do), we’ll bring fun props like scarves to wave, bubbles to pop, and a pop-up castle to play in.

The Treats

As a parting gift (and so you can skip making party bags), your Celebration Leader will twist a one-of-a-kind shiny, metallic Balloon Animal for each child.

(And yes, if we have time, you can have one, too.)

The Cast

Your child will love your Celebration Leader right away.


Have you ever felt instantly connected to someone you just met?  That’s the #1 quality we look for in our Celebration Leaders because we know it’s the key to your child having a great time, especially if they warm up slower to situations.


We also only hire the top 5% of graduates from our Faerie Academy, the most extensive training program for children’s entertainers in the US.

The Details

60 minutes.


This ‘Touch of Magic’ experience is the perfect boost for small parties because it’s short & can overlap with meals.


Want something a little more?  Upgrade to the ‘Party Perfection’ experience & get:

Let’s Perform!


An activity where the kids work together to perform magic.


Themed Outfit


Watch your child’s jaw drop when your Celebration Leader arrives dressed as a magical character like a real Faerie Princess, Mermaid, or Pirate!

15 children.  


Need a more flexible headcount?  Upgrade to ‘Party Perfection’ which includes a themed outfit & extra activity for up to 35 children. 

Guarantees Galore

It’ll be awesome.

You’ll relax.

8 REASONS to CHOOSE this Magical Experience.

Reason 1

Shrink your to-do list

Skip party activity shopping, assembling, leading, (and cleaning) because your Celebration Leader will do it for you.


We make your party look like they took weeks to plan & your guests will wonder how you did it.

Reason 2

We’ll show up.

You can relax knowing that this Magical Experience includes an understudy which helps us maintain a 99.7% arrival rate.  


If still we can’t come, you get a full refund AND a free show voucher.


 *Health mandates, natural disasters, & traffic that blocks access excluded.

Reason 3

It’ll be awesome.

But if you disagree, it will be easy to tell us how you feel.  You won’t have to dig for a buried contact form, or wait on hold, because a real person will text you after your show to make sure you are happy.  We will do whatever it takes to make you happy.  Whatever it takes.

Reason 4

Canceling is painless.

Life happens, which is why we offer optional ‘zero risk reservations’. For a small fee, your full payment will be protected if you have to cancel for any reason, resulting in a full refund. 


Alternatively, normal reservations have a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Reason 5

You won’t have to problem solve.

Headcount change? We can adjust on the spot. Unexpected rain? We keep activities that work indoors on hand, just in case.


After 18,000+ events, we’ve learned how to help your family adapt to any scenario, so you can relax on the big day. We’ve got you.

Reason 6

Top notch, fast customer service.

Getting the help shouldn’t be a struggle which is why we have real (super experienced) people here 7 days a week (& round the clock during your event).

Reason 7

Your guests will thank you.

Kid parties can be chaotic and difficult for adults to find common ground to connect on.


Your Celebration Leader gives them something to talk about – how enchanted the children are!

Reason 8

You get to be present, not busy.

Hosting is a lot of work, and your child’s big day only happens once year. We’ll take over entertaining the kids so you get a chance to see your child truly enjoy themselves (and join the party, too!).

Choosing us to be the big deal

for your child’s big day

means big questions…

“Are you going to actually show up?”


You can relax knowing that your booking comes with an understudy to save the day, allowing us to maintain a 99.7% arrival rate. 

In the tiny chance we can’t make it & it’s our fault*, you get an immediate full refund AND a free show voucher.


*What’s not our fault?  Local health mandates, natural disasters, or traffic that blocks all access.

We want your child to say “THAT was awesome!”

If we don’t meet the ‘awesome’ mark, it will be easy to tell us because I’ll check-in with you (hi, I’m the owner!) to hear how it went the very next day.  No waiting on hold or digging for buried contact forms required :-)


I’ll do what it takes to make it right. 

Party on, 

Choosing us to be the big deal

for your child’s big day

means big questions…

“Are you guys flexible if things change?”


Absolutely.  We’ve got 18,000+ events worth of scenarios under our belt, and we use that experience so you can relax.


Need to cancel?  We have a no risk booking option for a full refund. 


Headcount change?  We adjust on the spot.


Weather issues?  We adapt to be indoors. 


We’ve got you.