How To Slay At Being the Tooth Fairy – Tips From Professional Entertainers

Beyond leaving a treat for a tooth, what does it mean to be a ‘good’ Tooth Fairy?

Can someone actually be a ‘bad’ Tooth Fairy?

The handy thing about being a children’s entertainer here at Happily Ever Laughter is that we’ve overheard thousands of stories from children about their Tooth Fairy experiences, and all of them, are 100% positive. 🙂

How is this success rate so high? Even when parents are forgetting to have money on hand, or forgetting their child even lost the tooth? Doesn’t that make them upset?


The best thing about your child’s ‘Tooth Fairy days’ is that they are happening when their imagination is at it’s strongest. Anything you do to create your family’s Tooth Fairy story only nurtures that imagination.

Tooth Fairy Job


I’ll show you an example:

The other day I was tucking my 2 children in for bed (6 & 8 years old) and they both looked at me very seriously and asked,

“Mama.  Are YOU going to be our Tooth Fairy?”

My brain thought quickly, ‘does this mean they don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy’?, and, ‘should I just tell them there isn’t one’?

I decided to be incredibly honest.

“Yup.  It will be me.  There are a ton of us.  It’s a big job.”

“YESSSSS!!!!!!!!”, they both cried.


That for real went down. They were actually stoked that their mom was their Tooth Fairy.

I left their room and overheard them whispering about how small I’d get, or what kind of treats I’d leave.  Their imagination ran wild.

Now, I know my kids only asked me that because they know I run a company of Professional Faeries.  They’ve seen me put on the costume and go to birthday parties every week.

Fae Diddle Diddle

(Try explaining to your kid why you get to go to parties every day but they don’t. That’s some real magic right there.)

The point is that my kids inserted their own magic on top of my very honest answer.  I said I’d leave the treats, and they imagined me doing it 3 inches tall. #winning

If you do go this route, you can still have fun staying on the honesty train while pumping up their imagination by answering follow up questions with answers like this:

Them: “Do you change sizes when you are a Tooth Fairy?”

You: “You know, I haven’t actually looked at myself in the mirror when I’m your Tooth Fairy so I don’t really know!”

You’ll be surprised at how children actually take this honesty extremely positively and still consider it ‘magical’.

Tooth Fairy Treats

Ok, this is cute and all, but what if things don’t go according to plan?

What if they KNOW you are their Tooth Fairy and then you FORGET to grab their tooth?<   Or worse.  They don’t tell you. Just to ‘test’ you to see if you’re really the Tooth Fairy.   It’s cool. Remember how you told them there are ‘lots’ of Tooth Fairies? I’m about to set you up for some serious success here. *high five*  Just play them a real video of a Tooth Fairy.

No, you don’t have to get into costume and figure out how to run a film studio.

We did that for you.

One IwishIcouldtakeitback day here at the ‘Faerie Office’ (our headquarters here in Santa Cruz, CA, where we do all of our bookings and costume creation), I said –

“We should make videos as the Tooth Fairy apologizing for not showing up. ”

Cue several months of a brutal learning experience of how to light a set/build a set/mic a set/edit film/create animated b-roll/build a website…

Tooth Fairy

BTW – Mad props to all of you out there in the film industry, this stuff is HARD.

Anyway.  It took forever.  But, we finished it!

There is now a complete library of short videos of our Performers as Tooth Fairies making silly excuses for not showing up for you to use (for free).

And they aren’t even painful to watch as an adult.  ????

Tooth Fairy Apologizes For Not Showing Up

My personal favorite is the one where she tells your kid that she DID leave it.  It’s just in the fridge.

Oh.  And the one where she tells your kid to pick up their legos before she can even show up.

You’re welcome.

Good luck out there, grown-ups.  We’re rootin’ for you.  You’ve got this.

Tooth Fairy Excuses Review

~~~~~~ – Video Library Of Tooth Fairy Excuses