Our fairytale characters entertain children with whimsical activities.


What Makes Us Special
What Makes Us Special


Our fairytale characters enchant children with whimsical activities.

Magic happens when children are at play.

 Backyards become enchanted forests.

 Friends become superhero side kicks.

 Special days become unforgettable.

What Makes Us Special Performers

Our Fairytale Experiences inspire imaginative play anywhere.

 Our Themed Characters fill each Fairytale Experience with Whimsical Activities that turn the day into one they’ll never forget.

Our Fairytale Experiences are designed to enchant children during:

Special Days



Baby Showers

Family Reunions


Christmas Parties

Halloween Parties

Easter Celebrations

New Years Eve

Big Moments

Birthday Mornings

First Dentist Appointment

Moving To Big Kid Bed

Preschool Graduations

Or any excuse to party!

Super Bowl Sunday



Classroom Celebrations

What makes our Fairytale Experiences special?

It isn’t the elaborate costumes or whimsical activities.

It’s our Performers. 

We receive letters from parents about their children still talking about meeting their Faerie, Mermaid, or Pirate, even 10 years later because of the person behind the sparkles.  Even the most shy of children are immediately drawn to their charismatic personalities which is the real reason why they can make any moment magical.

One family even hired us 6 years in a row after their child named one of our employees ‘my Faerie’!

What Makes Us Special Performers

Planning a Magical Experience visit is easy.  Fae Diddle Diddle and her booking SecreFaeries answer every message and phone call & use their experience of planning over 16,000 visits to make sure the children laugh, the wallflowers bloom, and the moment is memorable.

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