The most unreal ‘real’ job you’ll ever have
Fae Diddle Diddle

My name is Fae Diddle Diddle, and I grew up to be a Professional Faerie Princess

Have you had to put all of your artistic endeavors on hold because you’re juggling a school schedule, family obligations, and a job that doesn’t even cover your bills?

I was right there with you. That’s why I started Happily Ever Laughter, a haven for creatives who’ve had to push their dreams aside.

Here, you can work a couple days a week, make $23+ per hour, plus tips, and have a *blast* while doing it!  And, after working here, you too can add ‘Faerie Princess or Elf’ to your resume.

If you love working with children, are looking for a community of quirky new friends, and need a jump start for your imaginative side, we’d love to see you apply.

Happily ever laughter

We Have Several Positions Currently Open!

Performer – 8 in the Bay Area

Performer – 2 in the Sacramento Area

Performer – 2 in the Los Angeles Area

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Happily Ever Laughter
Performer Job Description


As a Performer for Happily Ever Laughter, each day is exciting because it is always different from the last. You will be traveling to all sorts of events, from private birthdays to large corporate events, to keep children entertained. You will be arriving at each event dressed as one of our Happily Ever Laughter exclusive characters, and will be armed with enchanting children’s activities (Magic Shows, Glitter Tattoos, Obstacle Courses etc).

Your day (and pay) begins with getting into character (yes, we pay you to do that) and traveling to events up to an hour away from your home. We pay you for every minute and mile that you travel, including your trip back home. When you arrive at the events, sometimes you will be the only Performer, and sometimes there will be another Happily Ever Laughter Performer (or ten!) with you. Each event is between 1-3 hours long, and you’ll attend 1-3 events per day.

Happily Ever Laughter is unique because we do not portray characters that are found on television or in films (like Elsa or Cinderella). This allows us to hire based solely on talent as opposed to appearance, resulting in an incredibly charismatic and diverse team of Performers. Our Faeries, and 26 other fantastical characters, are magical because the people who play them know how to enchant children, not because their hair color or body shape matches Ariel or Spiderman.

If you have the skills to keep a room full of children giggling, we want to hire you. You can be a person with any hair color, gender identity, skin color, disability, body shape, or career background.

Help us show children that Fairytale Characters can look like them! Faeries (or elves!) from diverse backgrounds strongly encouraged to apply.

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This position is for every Saturday & Sunday. There is optional weekday work available. Each month, you may request one weekend off.


You may be booked for work anytime between 9am-9pm. Your work schedule will change each week, depending on which events you will be attending.


Wages start at $23 per hour + tips. You will have employee status, which means all California labor laws will apply to you (i.e., overtime pay, training pay, sick pay, travel compensation, payroll taxes).

Apply Today!

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These positions usually yield a lot of applicants, so I encourage you to make your resume STAND OUT! This is one job where creativity comes first, so let it shine! Good luck!

Pretty please, do not call our company phone number to ask about the position. The SecreFaeries that answer are working with parents to plan events, and are not connected to our hiring department.

Also, please do not use the online ‘chat’ function on our website, because that is also directly connected to the booking SecreFaeries. For all questions, use You are also welcome to reply to the Facebook or Instagram post with questions, and we will answer you there *smile*.

Fae Diddle Diddle


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.“

– Confucius


Join the chaos!

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