Our Weather Policy

Bad weather img

What a great excuse to wear those cute rain boots!

The sad part is that we won’t get to see them because we won’t be able to attend the celebration. After 10 years of trying to figure out how to perform in the rain without ruining our elaborate costumes (we love to make ’em over the top around here!) or soaking our supplies that are worth thousands of pounds of gold in rain and mud, we have never found the perfect solution. So, sadly, as of 2016, we are going onto our knees (which is difficult with all these petticoats) to beg you to please have a back-up location planned if there is going to be rain that day.

What if there is no back-up location or we have to leave early? Here is the breakdown:

If you think you may to cancel because of rain – Purchase one of our ‘Payment Protection’ options when you place your initial deposit! For only $25 you can rest easy knowing that you will receive your full deposit back if you need to cancel (up to 3 hours before our scheduled arrival), or for $15 you can cancel and have your deposit applied to 1 new date.

If you think you may have to cancel because of rain… but you didn’t purchase the ‘Payment Protection’ when you placed your deposit – Your deposit will be non-refundable. However, for weather related cancellations, we will offer you $50 off any future reservation.

If planned a back-up location and need to reroute all your guests – From all of us here to you, we applaud you! Thank you! Yay, dry guests! Yay, dry us! As long as we know at least 3 hours in advance, we can also be rerouted to that new location. If you forget to tell us, and we show up that the park, any time spent traveling to your new location will be counted as time that we were supposed to be at your event.

If you don’t cancel, and we show up and it is not raining yet (but it did earlier, and the ground is muddy/soaked) – We will bring out any activities that don’t require touching the ground. Please understand that the the only Group Activities we can provide if the ground is wet is our Sing Along or Balloon Twisting Lessons!

If you don’t cancel, and we show up and it is raining – We will sadly be unable to join in the fun, but hopefully you purchased that handy ‘Payment Protection’ so you won’t have to lose your deposit *wink*. We will be unable to offer the discounted future spot in this scenario to encourage not putting our Performers through all the prep time and travel time.

If you don’t cancel, and it starts to rain during our visit – Be prepared for the quick (and friendly) departure of your Performer as soon as those water droplets start to fall. The full deposit and final balance for the originally reserved time (yes, even if we leave early) will still be billed for. We highly suggest avoiding this scenario because it is never fun to explain to guests why their Faerie or Mermaid had to fly away before having a chance to give everyone a turn with our activities. Be a hero, plan a back-up location! And that…is all the information we have about rain *smile*.