Our Weather Policies

Weather Policy

What happens when mama nature flexes her big guns?

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Have a backup location indoors?  Good plan, we’ll see you there 🙂

But what happens if you don’t have a back up location?

We won’t get to see your cute rainboots because we won’t be able to attend the celebration. 


Because after years of trying to perform in the rain without ruining our elaborate costumes (we love to make ’em over the top around here!) or soaking our supplies that are worth thousands of pounds of gold in rain and mud, we have never found the perfect solution. 

So, sadly, we are going onto our knees (which is difficult with all these petticoats) to beg you to please have a backup location planned if there is going to be rain that day.


If you think you may have to cancel because of rain…

…purchase ‘Payment Protection’ when you place your payment.

For 10% of your reservation fee, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive all of your money back (minus the fee) if you need to cancel up to 3 hours before our scheduled arrival.

If you’re worried about having to cancel due to wanting a new date, rain, illness, family emergency, or elephants running down the street, add Payment Protection to give you 100% refund. 

If you cancel for any reason but you didn’t purchase the ‘Payment Protection:

…50% of your payment will be non-refundable.

If you planned a back-up location and need to reroute all your guests – 

…from all of us here to you, we applaud you! Yay, dry guests! Yay, dry us! 

As long as we know at least 3 hours in advance, we can also be rerouted to that new location.

If you forget to tell us and we show up to the original location – 

…any time spent traveling to your new location will be counted as the time that we were supposed to be at your event.

If we show up and it is not raining (but it did earlier, and the ground is muddy/soaked) – 

…we will bring out any activities that don’t require touching the ground. 

Please understand that the only activities we can provide if the ground is wet is our Sing-Along or Balloon Twisting Lessons!

We cannot perform our magic show.

If we show up and it is raining:

…we will sadly be unable to join in the fun, but hopefully you purchased that handy ‘Payment Protection’ so you won’t have to lose your payment *wink*. 

If it starts to rain during our visit but you don’t have a dry place for us: 

…be prepared for the quick (and friendly) departure of your Performer as soon as those water droplets start to fall. 

The full show cost for the originally reserved time (yes, even if we leave early) will still be billed for. 

We highly suggest avoiding this scenario because it is never fun to explain to guests why their Faerie or Mermaid had to fly away before having a chance to give everyone a turn with our activities. 

Be a hero, plan a back-up location! 

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here

For outdoor visits, extreme heat can throw a big wrench into things.


Heatstroke is a real issue for our performers because of their heavy costumes and masks, so because of this, we’ve had to add this section about hot days over 100 degrees.


Here are your options for 100+ degree heat days:


1. Free Rescheduling to a different date (or cooler time of day) even if you didn’t purchase payment protection.


2. You can guarantee that your performer will be in a heavily shaded area with a fan pointed at them, or an air conditioned indoor area.  We will also reduce their heavy costuming a bit to keep their energy up (fewer petticoats, shorter sleeves etc) so they won’t look exactly like the website.


3. If you purchased full payment protection, we’ll refund your deposit/final balance if you prefer to cancel all together and not reschedule.

Come On Baby

Light My Fire

Heeeey California wildfires. We see you.

To keep our staff safe, if the air quality index is above 150 on the day of your performer’s visit, we’ll need to postpone our visit unless your event is moved indoors with all windows and doors CLOSED.

Here are the steps we take before making that final call to cancel if you do not have an indoor backup location:

~ On the day of our visit, at 9am sharp, we will check 2 separate air quality websites, fire.airnow.gov and iqair.com.  

~If the AQI is at or above 150, we will contact you about rescheduling.

~If the AQI is below 150, we will also contact you to let you know that the show is still on!

~We cannot rely on forecasting tools as they aren’t accurate enough for us to put the safety of our staff at risk.  Thank you for understanding! 


If we need to postpone, here are your options:


1. If the air quality is unhealthy (150 and above) and you have not purchased payment protection, we will allow 1 reschedule at no cost to you. 

2. If you purchased the full payment protection, we will refund your deposit/final balance if you prefer to cancel and not reschedule. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, we can’t wait to party with you!

And lastly, because you never know…

If these guys show up, mark your apocalypse bingo card and let us know you’ve moved to New Zealand. 

We’ll understand.