Here’s What Boys Will Think About That Princess You Hired.

After 17,000 performances as kids party entertainers, this is how we’ve seen boys react to ‘girly’ characters.

“What if there are BOYS at my party?”

^ We get that question every.single.dayyyyy.

Ok. Real talk for a sec.

Can you do a quick role-playing game with me? (I mean, you’re surfing the internet for something fun to look at anyway, right? )

YAY! Cool. Let’s do this.

So, pretend you are a grown-up (I know, it’s hard to imagine ????) at a party for grown-ups (and it’s like, woahhh so fun).

Now, imagine that a person walks up to and offers you a giant basket of free…let me think for a second…WINE. Wine is fun. Free wine is even more fun. ????

(if wine isn’t your jam, then maybe they just walked up to you and…uh…oh, here’s a good one: they start telling you the BEST JOKE EVER in the whole world!)

Ok. Keep that in mind.

Here is what you WON’T do next:

Your brain won’t think —> “I don’t even want to LOOK at that wine, or HEAR that joke, because that person is wearing a white shirt.

^or orange shoes. or blue skirt. or pink suit. (you get it now)

(but….if that IS what you’d think, I have no idea how to help you there)

Make sense?

It’s the same with children.

After the 17,000 times our performers have been invited to play with children, never ever never (ever) has a child said:

“I don’t want to pet that cute baby dragon puppet because…you are a Mermaid.”

“That shiny golden balloon animal you want to give me is boring because…you are a Faerie.”

We only show up as a character because it’s like wrapping paper on a present.

It’s shiny.

It’s fun.

But, what a child really wants, is the gift inside.

No matter how it’s wrapped.

So, there ya go. If there are boys at your party, (like the 99% of parties we’ve been to), they’ll be just fine.

In fact, they’ll be more than just fine.

They’ll be stoked.

Party on!