Fellow Entertainers – Let Me Help You Survive 2020

Live entertainment doesn't have to die. Listen to how we're still booking, so you can, too.

Dear Entertainment Community,

You’ve probably been through a LOT since starting your entertainment career, and after this year, I know we are all feeling exhausted and helpless because of all the ups and downs.

To combat the feeling of helplessness, I truly believe that if entertainers come together to help one another, especially now, we will become strong enough to survive all these curveballs.

So, I want to tip my cards so you don’t have to repeat some of the bigger mistakes I’ve made while building my company from just me to a staff of 50.

In this interview by The Variety Podcast, John Abrams pinned me down long enough to capture a full hour of easy to understand help for you.

You’ll hear how to:

~ Choose a social media platform

~ Find your audience (when they’re not at your show!)

~ Clear up your messaging (do this or drown)

~ ‘Pivot’ to virtual entertainment

Please share it with your entertainer friends.   And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me anytime at fae@happilyeverlaughter.com.

Ribbons and Roses,
Fae Diddle Diddle