Forbes: #1 Thing Kids Do On Thanksgiving

Besides eating all of the rolls, of course.
Faerie Doodle

Forbes magazine reported that there is a new popular activity on Thanksgiving for children.


Great news, it’s our children washing all the disssshes! Yay!


I joke. I joke. I’m sorry.


Sadly, that isn’t it (yet).




It’s actually…watching television.




Guess how much advertisers spend on commercials aimed at our children on that ONE day…


$12 BILLION dollars!


On a day centered around teaching thankfulness, our children are spending hours watching commercials telling them that they need more stuff.


This is a huge mixed message.





‘Be thankful for what you have’.


Also parents:

It’s cool. Watch TV and then beg me for stuff you don’t need’.



But it’s ok.  Don’t feel guilty.  Here is your hall pass.


You’re spending hours making sure they have a special meal with their family.


You’re coordinating everyone’s travel plans.


(…and you’re crossing your fingers that your seating arrangement avoids conversation conflict.)


So, you’re already rockin’ it. ????


Because that doesn’t leave you any time for planning screen-free activities for the children, we can do it for you.


Sit back, we’ve got this. 


Just invite a Faerie to Thanksgiving!


We’ll make a surprise entrance, keep the children enchanted, and even give grown-ups something to talk about that isn’t going to spark an argument.


Well, unless the grown-ups fight over who gets to have their face painted first. We can’t help that.



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We don’t have a lot of spots left, and our calendar closes on Wednesday, November 27th at 12 pm, so check sooner than later!


Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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