Where are the Disney Characters?

– Our Creative Philosophy


We have designed many Characters here to inspire children who enjoy Disney Characters. Our Characters love to talk about how they’ve met Ariel, or Tinkerbelle, and yes, even Elsa *laugh*, while at the same time, give the children a whole new story to fall in love with. It’s hilarious to overhear the questions the children ask our Characters, especially because they’ve never seen them on TV or in movies before!

Why no disney Meadow

Our unique characters are vibrantly colored, talented, and of course…real.

The reason why we offer 100% unique Characters here at Happily Ever Laughter is because our goal is to provide entertainment that fully engages groups of children – for long periods of time – so parents can relax and enjoy the party! Children instantly bond with our Characters and go straight to playing and laughing along with our new version of fantasy instead of spending most of the time asking questions about their authenticity, like they do when they meet Disney Characters.

We believe that showing children Characters outside of the corporate realm can re-inspire them to believe in magic. When our Characters arrive at celebrations, children ask us questions like, “Do you really live under the sea?”, or “Can you teach me how to fly?’, instead of statements like, “You’re not really Cinderella, I can see your wig”, or, ” I have your movie”.

Why no disney princess

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Have fun! It isn’t every day that grown-ups get to spend time looking for Princesses *laugh*.