Do you play Disney or other famous characters?

For Frozen Lovers

Meet our Snow Faerie!

For Princess Themes

Meet our Rainbow Princess!

No, but we can help you find what you’re looking for! 


What you need is called a ‘character impersonator’ which is a little different from what we are, which are ‘children’s entertainers‘.


To help you on your search, I’ll show you the difference:


Character impersonators


1.) They connect with children by posing for photos and mimicking famous lines. 


2.) Their interactions are ‘character-driven’, meaning kids have to stick to the story that was already written. 




Children’s entertainers

(that’s us) 


1.) We connect with children by being highly trained at playing with kids.


2.) Our interactions are ‘child-driven’, meaning we’re trained to feel like their ‘imaginary best friend’, but real.  Example: if they love Canadians and science, so does our Princess 🙂


If you’re excited about meeting our children’s entertainers instead, scroll down to see how we can bring ANY theme to life! 

For Lego Lovers

Meet our Sparkling Celebration Leader!

For Fairy Fans

Meet our Faerie (our most popular character)!

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Meet our Backyard Explorer!

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Meet our Sea Scout!

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Meet our Super Galaxy Girl

For Space Themes

Meet our Super Bubble Ranger

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Meet our Mermaid!

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Meet our Magician!

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Meet our Whimsical Witch!

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