Each time your referrals hire us, we’ll mail you

a fairytale themed gift!

Tell your friends about us…

and get rewarded for it!

Each time your referrals hire us,

we'll mail you a fairytale themed gift!

Do you believe in faeries?

Say quick that you believe.

If you believe,

clap your hands!

~ James M Barrie

Peter Pan, 1904


 Your sharing link gives them $10 off our Fairytale Character visits!

Referral Program F.A.Q.

If my referral hires you, how will I be notified, and when will my gift arrive?

You’ll be notified by messenger owl. 


Kidding.  This isn’t Hogwarts.  We’ll send you an email to let you know when to keep an eye out for the mailman!


Or mailwoman.


Or mailmermaid.

A special sharing link will magically be created for you to share anywhere you like.  Social media, mom’s groups, dad’s groups, cat groups, mom’s cat groups…or simply just email it to someone.


When your referral visits our website from your unique link, a magical spell is cast over them.  If they hire us, we will instantly know they came from your referral! 


Well…there’s more to it than that, but who really wants to know how that stuff works anyway? 

We really, really, really wish we could tell you, but that would spoil the surprise!


It might be a limited edition magic wand (handmade right here in our Faerie Office!), a special fairytale themed sticker, or maybe even a mini version of one of our costumes.


No matter what, it will be fun to receive in the mail, and will make any day feel extra magical.



As many as you like!


In fact, if 10 of your referrals hire us, we’ll send you a gift certificate for a free visit from our characters to use any time you like.

Woo hoo!

Aww…that’s so awesome of you to ask!


Ok, ok, ok…maybe you didn’t have this question.  Yes, this is us putting ideas into your head.  As magical creatures, it’s part of our job description to do that.


But seriously, guess what?  Over 70% of grown-ups learn about us from referrals.  Without referrals, these faeries wouldn’t exist.  We are SO grateful for your help in keeping us around by telling your friends!  Clap on, grown-ups!


Here are some fun ways we’ve seen people spread the word:

‘Thank You For Coming To My Party’ emails to your guests


Facebook posts (with photos of us at your party!)


Instagram posts


Posts in parenting groups


Blog mentions


Direct email


Text message


Facebook messenger

That’s totally fine!

Another thing that helps us a LOT are public reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, or Facebook.

You can even put your sharing link in there and get rewarded!

I’m excited!  How do I do this again?

Start by creating your magic sharing link!

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