Are Faeries really magical?

Can princesses really talk to animals?

Find out during our Magic Show, designed specifically for children!

What makes our Magic Show Different?

After performing at over 15,000 events, we’ve found to really involve all of the children at once.

It means our Characters get right down on the floor with them. Our props are touchable, our Characters are approachable, and the children’s reactions are adorable.


Below are some of our favorite quotes from children during our Magic Show


“I can really see it! I can see it, mommy! The magic is coming out!”

~ Addie’s 5th birthday

“Ahhhh! I’m so excited!!!!! I’m peeing!!!!”

~ 4 year old at a Corporate Holiday Event

“Faerie! Did you know that ‘please and thank you’ are really really magic words?!”

~ Dylan’s 6th birthday

During the Magic Show, our Character weaves together a story that any age can follow

The younger children love to watch (and touch!) the puppets, watch the older children’s expressions, and to see the bubbles (Yes! There are bubbles in our Magic Show *smile*). The older children get involved in assisting the Character, holding props from the Magic Show, and of course…seeing their very own magic really happen!

Magic shows crown

Inviting us to a Birthday Celebration?

We’ll finish the Magic Show by making a special present appear for the Birthday Child!

Magic shows faerie present