Having your Performer begin with our cuddly Puppet Show is a fabulous way to introduce herself to everyone at the celebration

Our fuzzy stars of the Puppet Show will take your children on an adventure disguised as a story. Along the way, they meet several creatures from land, sky, and sea. Everyone will work together to weave the story with fun audience participation.

The Puppet Show is great for children who are shy, under 4 years old, or who aren’t ready for a highly interactive Magic Show. Just like the magic show, in the end, everyone will help create a magical birthday surprise that they can keep!

The Puppet show was designed with a repetitive story line for younger ears to follow along with. However, older children may get a tad antsy with this plot structure. If your child is under 3 years old, but most of their guests will be older, the Magic Show will be a better fit for everyone overall. The younger children love to watch the older children participate in the Magic Show, and there are even Puppet guest stars for them to touch!