ALL of our Performers play an instrument (the Ukulele!), and we also bring unique instruments for the children (they are called ‘Boomwhackers’, they are really neat!).

Our Performers are very experienced with getting even the most shy to hum along to familiar songs. We love singing songs that most children know, but because we are Faeries, Pirates, and Mermaids and such, we tend to sing them in rather silly ways! *laugh* The children love to giggle at our strange words, and have lots of fun teaching us the Human way of singing them! *wink*

We are excited to show you all the practice that our Performers have put into this activity! From learning the specific set of children’s songs, to even learning how to play a musical instrument, lots of attention has been put to making our Sing Along one of the highlights of our visits. We have worked really hard to create the perfect way to get the friends that love to sing tapping and humming along with us.

Because we have focused so much on creating a completely Sing Along Activity (with hand movements, musical instruments, and other fun ways to engage the audience), we have had to stick to a specific age range to make this successful. If your group is under 6 years old, this is the perfect way to dazzle their ears!

Sing along faerie

The Sing Along includes 5 songs (and lots of goofy surprises) and lasts 15-25 minutes, depending on how silly everyone gets!

We focus on the songs that we have practiced in advance in order to really make a spectacular impression on your guests. If you would like to have more songs than what we bring along, feel free to jump in and sing anything you like after our show is complete while the children are still gathered together!